Scientific Highlights

Lectures and Live Surgeries

  • Fully understand nasal anatomy and function
  • Formulate an adequate pre-surgical plan, so as to achieve consistent and predictable results
  • Primary Rhinoplasty: Technical Pearls on open and close rhinoplasty
  • Osteotomy : Principles, Techniques, Avoiding Complications
  • Panel Discussion : Tips & Tricks in Rhinoplasty
  • Interactive presentation on surgical techniques
  • Suturing Techniques for Tip Modification
  • Understand, prevent, recognize and correct Complications
  • Dynamic Q&A sessions throughout the course

Fresh Frozen Cadaveric
Dissection Live Demonstrations

  • External Approach: Raising the skin and so Tissues Envelope
  • Dorsal Approach to Septum and Septal cartilage harvesting
  • Spreader Gras & Auto Spreader Flaps
  • Component Hump Resection
  • Columellar Strut / Septal Extension Graft
  • Suture Techniques for Tip Refinement
  • Cap and Shield Grafts
  • Lateral Crural Strut, Baton Grafts, Rim Grafts
  • Lateral Crural Flip Over Graft
  • Alar Base Reduction
  • Techniques of Osteotomies: Medical, Intermediate, Lateral and Transverse Osteotomies